Baker Stables LLC

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Boarding and Services

The staff at Baker Stables believes that every horse or pony deserves to be cared for with patience and compassion.  Your horse's welfare is always our priority.  We offer individualized care...



Baker Stables is proud to offer:
  • Individual Turn-out
  • Group Turn-out
  • Specialized Feeding Programs
  • Blanketing
  • Transportation to Shows/Activities
  • Coaching
  • Pony Parties
  • Lay-ups


Boarding Fees:
Boarding includes full care, turn-out and changing of blankets if necessary.  If you need anything else, please let me know and we will charge accordingly.

  • Full Care:  $600/month
  • Supplies, medications, and wormers ($10) will be charged monthly. 

Service Fees:
  • Holding for trim, medicating (oral paste/injections per day):  $5/session
  • Holding for vet, shoeing, dentist, and leg hosings:  $10 each time
  • Sheath cleaning:  $30 +medication
  • Use of facilities/ring (non-boarder and non-lesson)  $10
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